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Encyclopedia Cranberryca (Coming soon…)

„Fun and serious… and scary.”


You are not alone. No one likes us – and this is putting it mildly. (And if you are the exception and you enjoy what we have written in the Encyclopedia, you are wrong.)

Nothing is sacred to us, not even Immobility. So we do not build but destroy because the known is boring, and we oversimplify everything.

We do not insist on anything, defend any position or protect anything that stands; we move on. We claim that we are just copying down articles  (the Encyclopedia describes the exact mechanism), but we also argue the opposite. And not just the opposite. So we may be wrong, we may be deceiving ourselves, and we could be lying. We could be agents or inventors of the Malicious Flameling to spread (predefined) freedom and happiness like a contagion on behalf of the Malicious Flameling. The Encyclopedia reveals all these possibilities might have a good deal of probability. However, we most likely just have lost our Minds and are talking in a jumble.

No one should believe us. Argue with us! Show us the bullshit in the Encyclopaedia in detail and context. Show us the erroneous and incoherent deductions from false axioms showing that we do not even understand Gödel.

You will be correct.

You will always be right in the end.

Moreover, we do not wish you a pleasant reading.

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